7 STocking Stuffers for Fabz Kitchen Experts!!


The Holiday season is here! Time to think of stuffing those pretty red stockings! We've got some interesting finds for the Kitchen experts on your list, all under $15!! 

Holiday Stuffers Collage1

Love those wine charms? We love them too! A special something for the wine lovers on your list and perfect to set around  your host's favorite wine bottle!  Read on, we've got some great picks for you!

Main Collage Stuffers

1. Set of Five Star Cookie Cutters $11.99 -  Perfect for the holidays! We find these ideal for cookie dough, fondant, pastries, shortbread or even creating decorative fruit slices!

2. Daisy Wine Charms $11.99 - A perfect gift for the wine enthusiasts . These durable silicone flowers are easy to tie to the stem of any glassware!

3. International Wine Charms $11.99 - Be charmed by these wine glass markers, each representing one of the world's great wine producing countries.

4. Flex Pot Clips $8.99 - This helps with avoiding a mess on the stovetop. A super useful little gadget for Kitchen mavens!

5. Zest Grater $9.99 - A useful kitchen must- have, perfect for adding citrus-packed flavor to your holiday parties!

6. Multi-Use Tie Wraps $6.99 - The ultimate problem-solver for sealing all types of bags and more! Small, but a useful addition to the Kitchen.

7. Universal Dripless Spout $11.99 - These amazing Dripless Spouts allows a clean easy pour, and keeps both bottles and hands clean and oil free!

We found these items, cool and small enough for filling those holiday stockings or  just a fun host/hostess gift! Hope you liked them as well! Happy shopping!






  • I love these. Especially the wine tags. So clever and useful. Never lose your glass again!


    Posted at 2017-12-05 15:13:13

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  • They all look like so much fun .. i think i will gift some of these to me


    Posted at 2017-12-05 10:34:29

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  • I like the wine charms, that's be handy for not getting people's glasses mixed up! And the dripless spout is cool, less mess, thumbs up!


    Posted at 2017-12-04 22:15:06

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  • Loved those wine charms and star shaped cookie/pastry cutter. They looked perfect for my family who relies more of food stuffings in the stockings!


    Posted at 2017-12-04 16:40:00

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