Coolest Must Have Travel accessories for your kids this summer!

Summer is here, and we are sure you have made some fab travel plans with your little ones!! Given the way winter and spring treated us here at NYC, we are FabZlist are as excited as you to welcome sun and sand! It is essential to have the right travel accessories to ensure your little ones are safe and comfy, while enjoying all the fun at the same time. We bring you our favorite pick of summer travel accessories, combining the right mix of style and functionality!

Let's start with a fab - car travel valet from Alex ($24)! For that matter, You can take this mobile play center  along even when you are not planning a car travel! This little travel 'valet has space for everything from caryons to juice to fruits and what not! 

Travel bag2 Travel bag1


And don't forget to pack a healthy lunch/snack! These cute little lunch packs from Mackenzie at Pottery Barn Kids ($35) have space for all the good stuff. And don't forget some thing along with to keep them active! These rainbow pencils from FlipStir ($24) will keep them occupied when they much on lunch goodies! Or else try these Animal fun smart sleeve sets from original Kid-Kit ($14). These are your on the go smart activity kit for your kids to take with you on your trips!

Travel food kit     Travel food kitgirls      

Rainbow puzzles   smart sleeve sets


How many times have you seen your little ones look at the adorable roller suitcase tagged along by someone and asked for one? These adorable Wildkin roller luggage pieces ($49) will surely set that to rest! They come in mutliple colors, for your little boys and/or girls!

Travel suitcaseGirlsTravel suitcaseBoys


Or else try these super cute trunky sunnys from Melissa and Doug ($29)!

MelissaandDoug Trunky Sunny    MelissaandDoug Trunky SunnyRed

When you are outdoors, try these chic Shrunks air cushions ($20)! And when it's time to dry up after the wet spash, keep these Travel Happens sealed wet packs ($18) handy!

Air cushion   Wet pack

Wait, we are not done yet. Some more cute and functional travel accessories to make it a bit more fun. When you want a little mom and dad time, have your lttle one listen to their fav music on their headphones, cuddled under these super cute blankets! We love these Pottery barn headphones ($49) and these Caliphone smiling panda headsets ($13)! And these adorable zoo blankets from Skip Hop ($20)!

Headphones    Headphones2

Travel blanket1    Travel blanket2



  • All these bags looks so cool. I am sure that kids are going to love this! :)


    Posted at 2016-04-25 05:12:43

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  • My niece and nephews have Trunkis and love them! The car valet is absolutely brilliant, I'd love it myself lol

    Amy Scott

    Posted at 2016-04-22 19:27:47

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  • Those outdoor cushions are so smart! These would be great in more situations than I could count. Thanks for sharing!


    Posted at 2016-04-22 13:04:21

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  • I had one of those car valet things when I was a kid! I probably wouldnt have remembered until I saw that! It was so cool to have for road trips.


    Posted at 2016-04-22 08:12:33

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  • What cool travel essentials for kids! I love that car valet.


    Posted at 2016-04-22 01:56:43

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